Laura C Dantuma

Laura C Dantuma femme capital partners Founder & Loan Officer

Laura C Dantuma

Founder & Loan Officer

Laura began her career in the mortgage and real estate industry decades ago and quickly rose to the top. A native Chicagoan, Laura has roots and generations of real estate experience in her
family. Both of her parents, her brother and her grandfather have been involved in the real estate market in Chicago for decades. Ms. Dantuma herself has built, operated, and sold several companies and has held progressive executive leadership positions for leading banks and mortgage firms.

Focused on streamlining the impersonal, confusing, arduous and often  discriminatory lending process, Laura set out to find a way to create a community that provides equality, education and hands-on personal attention, combined with, a cohesive digital experience we all desire nowadays.

Although helping people realize their home ownership and business dreams is what she does daily, her number one passion is working with women to grow the female economy one home loan and one business loan at a time!

With years of small business consulting in her past, Laura has encapsulated her knowledge and is sharing it with those looking for a path forward to create long-term wealth.

Laura is a proud dog mom of cute little, 3lb Yorkshire Terrier, named Lulu Belle. Understanding the importance of work/life balance, she finds enjoyment in spending time with friends and family, traveling, working out and golfing.

Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Laura remains committed to “giving back” and thoroughly enjoys her philanthropic work.