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Conventional Loans

What are the loan requirements ? As a borrower, these are the minimum conventional loan requirements you should be prepared to meet: Interested in the Chicagoland Area then a Credit score of at least 620. Debt-to-income ratio of no more than 45% Minimum down payment of 3%, or 20% with no PMI.

Jumbo Loans

What do underwriters look for?
A majority of Chicago mortgage lenders want to be sure their loans will be repaid even in the event of financial hardship. Three of the primary requirements for jumbo loans in Chicago are a high credit score, low debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and good cash reserves.

VA Mortgage Loans

What are the VA requirements?
At least 90 days of active-duty service including at least 30 consecutive days (your DD214 must show 32 USC sections 316, 502, 503, 504, or 505 activation), or. 6 creditable years in the National Guard and you were discharged honorably or placed on the retired list.

FHA Loans

What is a FHA loan?
FHA home loans are mortgage loans that are insured against default by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA loans are available for single family or multifamily homes. These Chicago home loans allow banks to continuously issue loans without much risk or capital.

Non Qualified Loans

A non-QM is a home loan is:
These loans are designed to help home buyers who can't meet the strict mortgage criteria. Example, if your moving to Chicago and are self-employed or don't have all the necessary documentation to qualify for a traditional mortgage, you might need to look at non-qualified mortgages.


Residential Mortgage Loans

Looking to apply for a residential mortgage loan in Chicagoland area? Femme Capital Partners will guide you step by step. 

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Commercial Mortgage Loans

Get a commercial real estate loan from Femme Capital Partners. Get estimated monthly payments for buying in Chicago, IL.

Mortage LOan FAQS

From qualification requirements, affordability, and loan types – to rates, escrow, fees, & much more – Femme Capital Partners will answer your most important mortgage FAQs!

What is the 3 7 3 rule in mortgage?

The initial Truth in Lending Statement must be delivered to the consumer within 3 business days of the receipt of the loan application by the lender. The TILA statement is presumed to be delivered to the consumer 3 business days after it is mailed.

What questions are mortgage lenders not allowed to ask?

Because of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), lenders are prohibited from discriminating against you because of your age, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and if you receieve income from public assistance programs.

What should you not say to a Chicago mortgage lender?
  • Anything Untruthful.
  • What is the most I can borrow?
  •  Check out my new credit cards!
  • Changing jobs annually is my specialty.
  • This salary job is not for me, I am going to commission based job.
What are the 3 C's of mortgage lending?

After the above documents (and possibly a few others) are gathered, an underwriter gets down to business. They evaluate credit and payment history, income and assets available for a down payment and categorize their findings as the Three C’s: Capacity, Credit and Collateral.

What do underwriters look for in mortgage approval?

When trying to determine whether you have the means to pay off the loan, the underwriter will review your employment, income, debt and assets. They’ll look at your savings, checking, 401k and IRA accounts, tax returns and other records of income, as well as your debt-to-income ratio.

What do you consider to be a red flag in loan applications?

The most obvious Red Flag that you are taking a personal loan from the wrong lender is the High Interest Rate. The rate of interest is the major deciding factor when choosing the lender because personal loans have the highest interest rates compared to other types of loans

Can you be denied a mortgage after being approved?

Can a Mortgage Be Denied After Preapproval? Yes, it’s possible to have your loan application denied after getting preapproved for a mortgage. It doesn’t seem fair, but the reason this is possible is because your loan has to go through the underwriting process before it’s finalize

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Oyewole Praise
Oyewole Praise
I boldly recommend Femme Capital Partners to anyone. My experience was awesome while working with them to get my house. Claudia was ever ready to listen and help. They are really above and beyond in their field. I am glad I was introduced to FCP. Thank you everyone in FCP and please keep up the good work.
Traci Groff
Traci Groff
Our experience with Claudia Langarica and Femme Capital Partners was simply outstanding. Claudia was able to put a rush on our mortgage needs and to close in record time. The particulars of this purchase were very unusual, but Claudia created a path forward that allowed us to get everything accomplished. Her attention to detail, her timely responses and her industry knowledge were exceptional. We could not be more pleased.
Eric Groff
Eric Groff
Claudia and Femme Capital make the loan process easy. Highly recommend! Hands down the best!!!!!
Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry
As a real estate professional for the last 38 years, and with extensive knowledge and experience in capital markets, I am prudent about my recommendations. I can say without a doubt that Laura, and her team at Femme Capital, are pros. They understand the nuances of commercial real estate financial markets and deliver that’s experience and knowledge to their clients very well.
Corey Barnard
Corey Barnard
Laura made a daunting process, especially these days, seem like a walk in the park. Working with Femme Capital was the best choice I’ve ever made. They will not let you down! Would recommend to anyone, and will definitely be using them any and every time I need a lender in the future.
Cynthia Martinez
Cynthia Martinez
Claudia is the best she help me with everything I need if I didn’t understand something she will break it down to me to explain it . She will always answer my calls for any questions I had thank you Claudia you’re that best Femme capital does a great job I give them 5 ⭐️. They work hard on helping me and they did it fast .
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez
Claudia Langarica is the best . She help me to purchase my first home . She worked fast and answer all my questions . She is a very trustworthy person I will highly recommend her she does a great job .thank you Claudia you’re the best . I’m very happy with Femme capital thank you Claudia .👏
Cinthia Alvarez
Cinthia Alvarez
Working with Laura was such a great experience! Everything went smoothly. Laura and the team ensured I was kept as updated as possible! Thank you for your help!
Muntaser “Victor” Keswani
Muntaser “Victor” Keswani
Fast quick services. My client was able to close in 3 weeks of her contract being accepted. Laura really was on it from start to finish!

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